Ghostlike Crime issue #01


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Ghostlike Crime is an RPG zine series bringing magical realism, the paranormal, and cryptid terrors to a modern day setting. Compatible with DCC RPG. It expands and hacks the original rule set to place it in a familiar yet darkly skewed world.

This zine was created by Kane Cathain and features artwork from Carly Onofrio, Michael Bukowski, and Peet Sketches.

Issue no.1 includes:
•Rules for character creation
• New classes
• Modern equipment
• Scrap Artifacts & Weird Science Devices
• Three adventures
• New Adveraries

Terrible things creep in the shadows and cryptid terrors stalk humanity. The Cabals of the Corporatocracy have hoarded the magic of the world for themselves. They inflate their power and secure control over the masses. Magic cannot be trusted and its manipulation has repercussions. Where the wealthy and powerful are kept protected from these consequences, the rest of the population is exposed to the dangerous things crossing over into our world. There are those that will fight these incursions, adventurers who will face the unknown, revolutionaries that will challenge the powers that be - join them now!

This parallel reality is a dystopia where magic exists, but open practitioners are unheard of. Wealth hoards power and these usurpers who cannot wield it enslave those who do. Ghostlike Crime is set up to be as grim or gonzo as you like.

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