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The Gene Hack is an addendum to and re-skinning of The Black Hack, a rules-light RPG by David Black. Start there, and then come here for adventures set in science fantasy worlds of mutation, chaos, and flux.

The Gene Hack is intended to provide a framework for a setting that can be adapted to your liking, or created as you play. Your game can be set in a gamma irradiated post-apocalyptic earth; among masters of a universe far away; navigating space dungeons; or even a classic dungeon crawl—just flavor the details to your liking and the mechanics shouldn’t get in the way of your imagination.

The Gene Hack is concerned with quick rules, narrative driven play, and sandbox adventures. Gene Hack PCs are meant to be dynamic from the start, not only realized after calculated complicated advancement. The Gene Hack is not concerned with crunchy rules, skill lists, long campaigns, or limited options.

The Gene Hack has no Charisma and no Class. The CHA attribute usually representing Charisma has been changed to Chaos with a whole new set of rules to let characters try to tempt the unknown forces of the universe. Traditional classes have also been replaced. Instead, characters will be given a Form and a Flux. Play as a Gelatinous Telekinetic, a Reptilian AI, a Psionic Gargoyle, or many other mishaped beings of genetic disaster.

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Ghostlike Crime issue #01
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